Sustainable Product Design: A Concept of Applications, Tools, Connotation, Measurement and Assessment
Lida Mosallanejad & Mohammad Amin SadeghiReferences

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has become a common interest of many disciplines, due to popularity of sustainable development. The concept of "sustainability" was first introduced by the Broadland report, released in 1989 by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, at the center of various studies and approaches. Sustainable buildings are also called smart buildings, or green buildings with advanced control and automation systems. For this type of building design, stakeholders such as architects, engineers, landscape architects, product manufacturers, energy consultants, project managers, building users and local managers shall work together. This paper presents a framework for evaluating sustainable urban development based on the reality of natural resource constraints and human welfare needs, and aims to highlight these difficult and complex sustainable issues that encompass almost every aspect of human life.

product design; sustainable development; construction industry; innovation.

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Subjects: Engineering 

Language: English

Publisher: Manashahran Institute for Strategic Research

EISSN: 2588-6770



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